Texture & Reference

Various texture libraries I've found useful.

Spiral Graphics

A nicely sorted library of high-quality, tiling textures with a lot more features than just "repeated brick". This has things like windows, cottage walls and similar.


I haven't browsed much through this yet, but it looks very promising, with textures really dedicated to use in 3D graphics.


Stock photography and photoreference for textures (not tiling, though).


Public domain stock photography.

OpenFrag Slayer

A massive texture package, 512x512 pixels, most of them tiling. Released under the Creative Commons "Attribution" license, i.e. credit the source when you use them. As a side node, I have seen several of the textures in this pack sold inworld (without attribution), but whether they are directly from this pack, or both have gotten them from a 3rd party is unknown.


Another texture package for games development, for the free "Nexuiz" shooter. It shows its Quake heritage in the "evil sci-fi metal look", but with almost 3000 textures, there's bound to be something useful. You need a SVN client, like for example TortoiseSVN to download from here, with the actual repository URL being svn://svn.icculus.org/nexuiz/trunk/data/textures.

Free 3Ds Textures

Not big (yet), but it may be worth keeping an eye on.

Texture library

Primarily non-tiling, but good quality for Photoshop work, photographed at straight angles.


Large, but somewhat random. Non-tiling, and often at (slightly) skewed angles, this is best for Photoshop work to provide details or texture (grain), rather than for graphics engine texture maps.


A somewhat generic "grunge texture" site with non-tiling textures, often close-up of cropped details.

CG Textures

A bit of everything, both tiling and non-tiling. Well sorted, including something which is more reference images than textures (such as various animals).

Josef's Tears

Some good texures here as well, in particular for a "run down village look".

Mod Retro Indie Clothing & Vintage Clothes

Retro-trendy clothing. The reason it's included here is for the detailed multi-angled closeup of all the products, being both great inspiration and possible texture source.

Free 3D and 2D art and audio resources

I was pointed to this, and it looks like a brilliant resource. I'll comment on the individual sites as I check them out myself.