…in no particular order. I haven't been wandering all that much lately, so some of these may be outdated by now. (Though most are mainstays in SL).


While strictly speaking a shop, the entire area is a castle built of the things they sell. It's heavily sculpted, and seems to pick and choose architectural details from all eras and styles, giving it a playfully fantastic look.


Part demonstration for the trees they sell, and part beautiful nature, this is one of the old classics when it comes to "pretty sights".

The Wastelands

The Wastelands are really the entry point to four connected sims (The Wastelands, The Junkyard, The Great Fissure and Fort Stygian), making up a solidly themed, postapocalyptic area which mixes roleplaying and commerce for "normal" visitors, only asking that they do not break the theme too much while visiting.

The Far Away

An eerie, surreal wheat field with scattered, decayed and rusted items.

Las Arenas Rosadas

The tropical island to rule all tropical islands. Amazing detail and the best swirling water and foam effects I've seen in SL.

The Hollow Earth Barony

A Lovecraftian inspired ancient city and underworld. This is purely a set-piece, build for the love of it, and there isn't really much to "do", but it's an impressive sight. (The sim also houses the Tekeli-li store).